Crabtree Falls, Virginia (2016)
Photo courtesy of Anthony Adams

More about Maryann Pino Miller, M. Ed., CH

Teaching is my passion. It has been since I was a child. I see now that it has been a thread running through my life... as a child playing school (of course, I was the teacher); as a young eager optimistic elementary Physical Education teacher incorporating the mind-body connection into the district curriculum; as a school administrator in both Louisiana and Texas; as Director of Adult Religious Education for the Shreveport Catholic Diocese; and then in the business world where I wore many hats.

I love learning just for the sake of learning.  And I love sharing what I learn.  Mostly I love the eyes that light up, the smile that broadens, and the gasp of breathe when someone "gets it."  I sense how wonderful they feel about themselves.  For that moment they are on top of the world.

After a four-year sabbatical, I am back at it again… teaching!  I learned a lot during that four years. What I learned I have incorporated into my present life; I am on my way to being what I have learned.  It continues to be an incredible journey.

I have meshed my formal training as an educator, business woman, certified Heal Your Life® workshop facilitator/teacher, Certified Hypno-Counselor, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and Reiki II practitioner with my many years of personal self-study and life experiences to offer many tools to help you create the life you want, deserve, and the world needs.

In 2015, I published my first book, The Oneness of It All. It is a book that gives new meaning to words as we move into the Age of Oneness. It emphasizes the energy that will lift and support us in our shift to a loving compassionate consciousness of oneness. You can check it out at There will soon be a card deck based on the book and my second book on love is making its way to the publisher. 

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