Awareness Coaching

Awareness is the first step in making informed decisions. This holds true regardless of the decision to be made.

How aware are you?

Why do you do what you do? Why do you feel the way you feel? Why do you react the way you do toward others and situations? Why are you in pain or discomfort?

Are you aware of your self-talk (thoughts)? Do you hear how you talk about yourself and your life to others? Are you comfortable with your feelings about yourself and your life?

Where do you focus your awareness? And how does this focus affect your life?

The awareness of the answers to these questions can help you make an informed decision. Is it time to make some changes?

Awareness Coaching can guide you to the answers to the above questions and so much more!

Become aware of:

  • Your true nature
  • The spiritual laws that govern the universe
  • The "baggage" weighing you down
  • The tools and services that can help you unload and freely flow with life
  • Unconditional love

  • Awareness Coaching sessions begin with a complimentary consultation to determine the best approach for your unique journey.

    $60 / 1 Hr. Session
    $85 / 1½ Hr. Session

    If Hypnosis or Past Life Exploration is deemed appropriate, they are discounted 20%.

    For all ages: children, teens, and adults. You are never too young or too old to give yourself unconditional love.



    "I wanted to let you know what an impact our work together has had on my daily life. Getting in touch with and resolving painful past experiences has left me feeling light, peaceful, and serene. I am confident that I can address current day challenges more effectively without letting previous experiences cloud the issue. It is also wonderful knowing that you are there for ongoing support and encouragement. I am very grateful that we met!

    - Lori L., Mt. Laurel, NJ

    "Maryann has great insights into situations and her use of the Emotion Code to get into the root of matters with clarity, is an amazing combination for emotional healing and release. Not only have I experienced it, but 3 people close to me have witnessed it too, for their own healing of situations. I can't explain it, but whatever it is she's doing, it helps 'yucky, old stuff' to come to the surface so it can be dealt with and kicked to the curb, where yucky, old stuff belongs!"

    ‐ Kristy M., Marlton, NJ

    "The practice of Inner Child found it's way to me at the exact moment that I needed it in my life. My spiritual growth was beginning to take off and I had been searching for ways to make peace with the path that my life has taken, as well as how to incorporate feelings of peace and self love deeper into my daily life. Through Maryann's guidance and my work with my own inner child I have been able to create and feel the love, healing, and positivity that we all deserve! I am blessed that such a wonderful practice found it's way to me, to aid in my healing and growth, as I navigate through this journey that we call Life."

    Kate, Medford, NJ

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