Your Investment in Creating the Life You Desire and Deserve

Whether we have given it any thought or not, we all have toolboxes. They are loaded with tools we use at various times based on our need at the time.

Hypnosis is just such a tool. I am not speaking of the entertainment hypnosis with which we are familiar. But a proven relaxation tool that allows access to the subconscious where the beliefs, feelings and emotions that are dictating our lives are stored.

While under hypnosis, which you basically induce yourself, we can plant new seeds of truth about the reality you wish to see manifest in your life. A recording of the session allows you to remind yourself daily of this new reality, thereby nurturing the seeds, helping them to grow.

If you find yourself struggling with fear, confidence, weight, unwanted habits that are no longer serving your highest good; if you find yourself being too controlling or too passive; if you find yourself feeling less than, undeserving or unworthy; if you find yourself being critical and judgmental toward yourself and others, hypnosis may help you turn yourself around. Hypnosis may be the jump-start you need to live the life you desire and deserve.

Call for a free consultation. Learn more about hypnosis, how it works and why it works. With this information, you can decide if hypnosis is a tool you want in your toolbox.

Hypnosis Pricing
  • Complimentary Consultation
  • First Session - $125
  • Follow-up Sessions - $95
  • Past Life Exploration - $165

  • Packages
    From experience I have seen that most issues do not have one causative factor. If this is the case, it may require more than one session or even a different modality to address it. Sometimes an awareness workshop, a hypnosis session, and/or a past life exploration can each uncover a different aspect of the issue that needs healing. Special discounted pricing is offered.

    "In a word, Maryann is amazing!  She gently guides you through hypnosis in a safe and warm environment.  Through hypnosis and past life regression, I was able to overcome and understand issues that I had been holding onto for most of my life.  This was an experience that I will never forget!  Maryann's kindness and knowledge has truly been a blessing in my life!"

     – Michelle F., Shamong, NJ

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