Emotion Code Sessions

Ancient healing philosophies were full of truth and deep insights into our energetic nature, and the validity of these approaches is now being recognized once again.

Everything is energy. We are energy. Emotions are energy.

By its very nature, energy ebbs and flows but is always in motion; always in a flow. We are constantly being impacted by our own energy as well as the energy around us. Be it the natural kind, the energy given off by the sun, the moon, nature and the unnatural kind, the energy given off by cell phones, computers, power lines.

We all have emotions. We deal or do not deal with them on a daily basis, maybe even on a minute to minute basis. Emotions range in type, degree, effect.

Imagine joy, love, happiness, kindness, compassion. Imagine a life without them.

Now imagine fear, dread, anxiety, grief, depression, resentment, guilt. Imagine a life without them!

Being energy, your emotions must be allowed to flow. If you feel an emotion you do not like or an emotion or emotions that traumatize you and stop their natural flow thru you and into the universal energy field, the emotion(s) becomes stuck or trapped within you. Just because you stopped thinking about it or feeling it, does not mean it went away. On the contrary, it remains very much a part of your total being, trapped within you, until you deal with it.

Trapped emotional energies can create pain, malfunction and exert a dramatic effect on how you think, the choices you make and how successful you will be. The Emotion Code is a powerful and simple way to rid yourself of unseen baggage in the form of trapped emotions. Contact for a free consultation.

$75 Per Session
$40/Animal Plus Travel Expenses


"I had an Emotion Code session with Maryann and it helped open up memories I had repressed from childhood. I found the experience very healing on many levels. Giving me insight about myself and giving me the tools to heal old wounds. I felt a great scene of peace since this experience. I highly recommend this modality to anyone looking to release that which doesn't serve you anymore in the healing space Maryann provides."

 – Robin C., Oaklyn, NJ

"Since you visited my farm to meet and work with my most recent rescue horse, Jack, I have noticed immense differences in him! You told me he missed 'strutting his stuff' and showing how good he can be and that he wanted to go to shows again..... well he is jumping again and really showing off! He was very difficult to catch in the fields before you came... and stop by anytime.... you will see him walk right up to you!!!!! He is a different horse! He was ear shy and sensitive to touch anywhere on his head... well now he lowers his head ALL THE WAY TO THE FLOOR.. so even the littlest person can put his halter on.! Thank you so much for working with Jack. I am just so happy that he is so happy! You are amazing!"

 – Deborah, Southampton, NJ

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