Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen

Imagine that the Universe is like a Cosmic Kitchen with an Infinite Menu, just waiting to take and fulfill your orders. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to effectively place YOUR orders with the Cosmic Kitchen and how to use the Law of Attraction to create what you want in your life!

"Where do I go from here?" Love & Power

(Heal Your Life ® Workshop) When you don’t know where to turn, stop trying to turn and go within. In this workshop we will help you find the deep well of love within yourself and the power that lies there.

"Who’s in charge here?" "YOU!"

(Heal Your Life ® Workshop) Yes, you are the writer, star, director and producer of your life. In this workshop we will help you uncover how you are doing this on a daily basis. And we will give you tools to help you create the life you really want and deserve.

"Because I said so!" Negative Messages

(Heal Your Life ® Workshop) As you become aware of the negative messages you have been receiving all of your life, you will see why you are who you are and why you do as you do. You’ll see how these negative messages that are now beliefs have limited you. Once aware, you can begin changing what you don’t like and what no longer serves your highest good.

“I love you, but do I love myself?” Self-Love/Inner Child

(Heal Your Life ® Workshop) Most of us are experts at berating ourselves, not liking ourselves, almost to the point of abusing ourselves with our own thoughts, words and actions. This has to STOP! In this workshop you’ll uncover what has lead to and continues to foster this behavior and why you must love yourself. And you’ll visit with your Inner Child…a truly loving, nurturing, and revealing experience.

"I can never forgive..." Anger/Forgiveness

(Heal Your Life ® Workshop) Anger is a natural and normal emotion. Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves. Feelings are thoughts in action. They serve a purpose. When you let them loose from your mind and body, you allow space inside for other, more positive, experiences.

"It's not you, it's me." Love/Relationships

(Heal Your Life ® Workshop) Relationships…a topic no one seems neutral about. Like every other area of life, we get what we believe we deserve in relationships, whether at work, with friends, or in our intimate one. What negative beliefs about relationships did you learn growing up? How have these beliefs shown up in your life?

"Are You Conscious?"

(CL Awareness Session) To what degree are you aware of yourself and all that is going on inside you? What control do you have? Are you living your life fully… with joy and amazement? If not, why not?


(CL Awareness Session) Are you fully aware of your habits and rituals or are you on autopilot? Are your habits good or bad? Have you set an intention for your life or are you letting life happen to you? Who or what is controlling your life?


Workshops are:

  • Completely private sessions
  • Priced at $60
       (Except Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen which is priced at $70 and lasts 3 hours.)

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